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Read what current and previous patients have to say:
  1. "J" texted me saying he loved the cupping massage. Said he felt more relaxed than in a very long time. He's an athlete so his young body takes a lot of abuse, however, he loves sports. Thank you so much for making him feel better. He texted me right after he left you, and said, "grandma, that cupping massage was awesome!" Thank you for being so good to him. He is my heart.
    Satisfied Groupon Customer
  2. Dr. Grace was attentive, thoughtful, caring and patient-she carefully reviewed my history along with the challenges I presently face. Dr. Grace has a confident, clear approach. My first treatment was amazing...I am looking forward to completing my program and stepping into "whole body" wellness.
    V.L. 08/26/16
  3. Thank you so much! I feel much better after my acupuncture session with you. You definitely have found you calling. Thanks again and see you in a few weeks.
    JVI 06/05/16